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Why Would I Visit Ruby Falls?

By Aaron Tanner

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Last year, I published a blog post titled “Why would I visit New Orleans?” where I shared my reasons for wanting to go to New Orleans despite the destination being a place of sensory overload.

This year I am sharing my conflicting thoughts about wanting to visit Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee despite having issues with crowds and small spaces. For those not familiar with Ruby Falls, it is a tall but beautiful underground waterfall inside of a cave. To get to the falls, one takes an elevator down 260 feet into the ground with a group and then walking by rock formations within the cave before being rewarded with a spectacularly lit flow of water flowing down from an underground spring.

I tried to go to Ruby Falls last year, but circumstances beyond my control caused me not to make it to the attraction. Since my birthday falls on a Sunday this year, I want to try again to visit Ruby Falls when my mom and I drive to Chattanooga to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant, and I get a free meal for my birthday.

Because of my sensory issues related to my Aspergers, I get a bit anxious being in a crowd in tight spaces. I even feel uncomfortable being in an elevator with a lot of people. Some of the reviews I’ve read on TripAdvisor tell those who are claustrophobic to think twice before visiting Ruby Falls.

With my anxiety issues, why does part of me want to go to Ruby Falls? The statement can be summed up with a speech my supervisor at work gave this week when discussing tasks with some of the newer workers of my department that sometimes the best thing to get over anxiety is to do the job to get less anxious over time. Perhaps the best thing to do is get over the anxious thoughts and visit Ruby Falls.

Another reason I want to visit Ruby Falls is that I am into retro Southern attractions and growing up in the South all of my life, I’ve seen the signs for Ruby Falls and driven by the rock castle that greets visitors, but I have never stopped. Perhaps there is no better time to cross something off my bucket list than on my 34th birthday.

I can watch all the YouTube videos about Ruby Falls. However, it is not the same as seeing the waterfall from the heavens in person. Even if I decide after visiting that once was enough, I can say I’ve visited all three big Lookout Mountain attractions (the other two are Rock City and the Incline Railway).

Then again, there could be severe weather on my birthday, and I don’t get to go to Chattanooga at all. However, I am hopeful I will be able to make my special day a memorable one.

Have you ever visited Ruby Falls and if so, what are your thoughts? Comment in the section below.

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