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What I Learned at Work Last Week

By Aaron Tanner

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Work last week was busy for everyone at my place of employment. Although this usually is true around the end of the month due to insurance reasons, the amount of work coming in and going out of the lab was extremely high.

I will admit I got stressed and got frustrated a few times. However, I was able to reset and resume my shift. My co-workers were extremely proud of my perseverance and told me in person how much they appreciate what I do in the dental lab.

Even though my primary task is to run work between floors, one of the lessons I learned is going beyond one’s primary job assignment and doing extra work whenever possible as a way of showing managers that one is a team player and has a strong work ethic. Doing more than the bare minimum can lead to rewards at a later date, such as a promotion, a raise, or even a lot of nice compliments.

For example, one of the tasks of the morning crew is to break down case boxes after being unpacked. The Shipping and Receiving Department had over 300 cases come into the lab last Monday that was put into the right colored pans, entered into the computer system and then brought to the different departments for assembly. Tearing down boxes may not seem like much of an impact but when the staff has to unpack over 300 cases and then turn around and ship over 1,000 completed orders the same day, the time saved between unpacking and packing is enormous. I estimate I broke down two-thirds of the boxes Monday morning along with running work between floors while the rest of my co-workers were unpacking.

Another task that is calming involves folding scanned RXs and documents that get stored for future reference. There is a lady in the lab whose job is to scan the documents and then fold the papers and are put into boxes and then brought to the storage room. She was absent this past Friday and I volunteered to fold the scanned documents that afternoon.

Although I thought of how to help out the person in scanning so she would not get behind, I must confess I had a desire to earn additional income for my upcoming trip to New Orleans. In a way, both of us benefited from me helping her without being asked as she had less work to do when she returned to work, and I earned extra money for my vacation.

I realize that for those with Aspergers, it is not easy doing multiple tasks at once. However, to prove your worth at the company, it is essential to anticipate the needs of your co-workers and to show management you are willing to do more than the bare minimum at the company. Your hard work ethic can offset any social awkwardness that accompanies the disability.

Instead of sitting around and playing on your phone when there is nothing to do, look for tasks to complete in your workplace and then volunteer to do them. If you need to, ask your supervisor what jobs you can do if you finish your work before your shift is over. That will show employers you value the company’s time, and you may get a reward in the future for going the extra mile.

What have you done to go beyond your job description at your place of employment? Comment in the section below.

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