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Traveling as a Solo Introvert

By Aaron Tanner

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Last weekend, I went to Jacksonville State University’s homecoming in northeast Alabama where I went to school. I had a wonderful time seeing and talking with old professors, staff members, and friends. Jacksonville State also won their football game.

As an introvert with Aspergers, I did not think it was possible for me to be social for almost 12 hours. Even though I had a great time, it was draining interacting with people all day.

Here is a link I found in which introverts share their secrets when traveling. The big takeaway from the article was to set aside quiet time to get away from crowds. What helped was having my hotel room to myself and visiting my destination during the offseason.

This trip also showed that I could handle traveling solo. Studies show that more people worldwide are choosing to travel by themselves. There is even a website dedicated to solo travel.

It was a pleasant experience having the opportunity to set my schedule. I ate at restaurants at the places I wanted at whatever time was convenient for me.

Granted some travel related things may not be the best idea doing solo, such as hiking alone if you are not an experienced hiker. When I hiked down a gorge to see the bottom of Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama on my way back home, I made sure other people were hiking on the trail so that someone would be around to assist me in case I got injured.

I have said this on my blog before, and I will repeat it, do not be afraid to try new things, such as dining out, seeing a movie or going on a day trip, by yourself. If you are waiting for someone to travel with, you may be waiting a while as other people’s schedules and budget may not always line up with yours.

Have you ever traveled solo? Comment in the section below.

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