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The Calming Sound Of Water

By Aaron Tanner

· Water,Rain,Stream,Sound,Relax

As with many with Aspergers, sensory overload comes easy for me. When I am overwhelmed and anxious, I have a hard time falling asleep.

I recently discovered something that not only helps me calm down while I am unwinding from the day, but it also helps me fall asleep at night.

Before I go to bed, I hook my phone to a charger, put on my wireless noise-canceling headphones, and listen to the sound of heavy rain and flowing water. Often I can fall asleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. Listening to the sound of water is also great for trying to relax before starting on a writing project.

Below are some of my favorite YouTube videos I listen to before falling asleep. If you know about apps that play relaxing sounds, such as flowing water or rain, comment in the section below, and be sure to check out my other blog on the Tennessee Valley Unite page.

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