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Tennessee Valley Unite

By Aaron Tanner

· First Responder,Disability,Advocacy,Tennessee Valley,North Alabama

This week I am spotlighting a non-profit in north Alabama that helps people of all ages of disabilities. Tennessee Valley Unite advocates for those who are disabled.

One of the goals of Tennessee Valley Unite is to provide first responders ways of interacting with disabled people, not just those with Autism and Aspergers. Recently, the organization gathered de-escalation kits for EMS, Fire, and Police which includes headphones, sunglasses, fidget, stress ball and dry erase boards and cards for non-verbal or for those too upset to speak. The next first responder training will be held April 26th at the Madison Public Library.

Throughout 2019, I will be transitioning my blog posts from The Rocket City Notebook to Tennessee Valley Unite's blog page. Although I will still post on this page until the end of this year, I encourage those wanting to continue following my posts to subscribe to Tennessee Valley Unite's page.

I hope that more people in our area with disabilities, parents or other caregivers will share their experiences through Tennessee Valley Unite's blog and Facebook page, not just me or those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, to offer different perspectives of living with a disability.

Tennessee Valley Unite website link

Tennessee Valley Unite blog link

Tennessee Valley Unite Facebook link

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