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Some Positive News To End The Month Of May

By Aaron Tanner

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Earlier this spring, I mentioned that I was going through a rough patch as far as my health and writing opportunities. The loss of sleep affected my mood and outlook in an extremely negative way.

I am happy to report that I am sleeping much better now that the worst of allergy season is over. Also, I was assigned several stories by Alabama Living magazine, and the ideas for the newsletter at the dental lab are flowing again.

Next week, I will attend my first media day event at the new Cook Museum of Science in Decatur, Alabama as the opening of the attraction is one of the stories I am working on this summer.

Also, I have other story ideas to pitch to other magazines. While many people slow down for the summer, things are looking productive for me during this hot stretch of weather.

One more thing I want to mention. The person from Anniston, Alabama I told you about who has Aspergers and appeared on A&E Network's show The Employables found a job with the local highway department where he lives. Congratulations to A&E for shedding light on the struggle those on the Autism Spectrum face in finding work and helping them find jobs that play to their strengths.

To read more about my friend's experience, visit his blog Geek Alabama. Also, bookmark Tennessee Valley Unite's webpage as I will be blogging for the non-profit throughout 2019.

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