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Social Story Hurricane Irma

By Aaron Tanner

· Hurricane Irma,Wildfires,United States,Evacuation,Shelter

Hurricane Irma is currently the most powerful hurricane ever recorded since records began in the Atlantic Ocean and has its eyes set on Florida. I cannot fathom the United States getting hit by two back to back powerful hurricanes.

For those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder who may not know what to expect from Irma, here is a social story created by the University of Central Florida, which can be found here.

Many who are evacuating from Irma will find themselves taking refuge in a shelter until the storm passes. The University of South Florida has a wonderful resource guide on how to communicate with shelter coordinators if you have a child on the Autism Spectrum.

Those with Aspergers and anyone with an anxiety disorder in general may have read articles floating around the internet that Irma will be a Category 6. Although Hurricane Irma looks scary, rest assured that there is no such thing as a Category 6 hurricane.

Nature has been scary the past few weeks in America with hurricanes, flooding and the wildfires out West. Keep in mind, there have always been natural disasters in the United States, even before the founding of our country. We will get through this.

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