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Sharing Links: January 2018

By Aaron Tanner

· Aspergers,Stereotype,Education,Politician,Gaming

This week, I ran across a couple of articles related to Asperger Syndrome I thought I would share.

The first article involves a young college student at Gordon College in Massachusetts who is majoring in Music named David. He wrote a story for his school’s newspaper about how people with Aspergers are often stereotyped. The takeaway from this story is that the media often portrays those with Asperger Syndrome in an unfair light, which causes Neurotypicals to react harshly to them.

Because Autism disorder is a spectrum of character traits and issues, no two people with the condition will behave the same. For example, unlike many with Aspergers, I am not good at math or writing computer code. Instead, my brain is more of the artsy type in which I excel at organizing thoughts to tell a story.

Another link I want to share involves an adult woman in Connecticut who became the first open person on the Autism spectrum to be elected to a political position. Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez won a spot on her local board of education after reading inflammatory comments about individual children in her school system on social media from one of the prior board members.

Although she experienced issues with social skills, her sense of justice is what compelled her to get over her fears and run for office. Those who are higher functioning feel a strong sense of social justice and are not afraid to speak out in a brutally honest way when they see someone mistreated. I am glad that Autism gets portrayed in a positive light with this particular article.

The final post is for those who live in the Huntsville, Alabama area or within an easy drive of the city. For those who are board game nerds but might be overwhelmed by the crowds at the nationally-known Gencon that is held every summer in Indianapolis, Indiana will appreciate the Rocket City Gamefest, held January 12-14 at the Marriott Hotel by the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

The event features over 300 games available for playing and will be available at all hours throughout the weekend. Although I will be out of town for the event, I encourage those who may have trouble making friends attend the Rocket City Gamefest or a gaming event near your location. Playing games is a great way to practice small talk and make friends by bonding over a common interest.

To view the Rocket City Gamefest, click here. Enjoy your week.

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