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Second Take: Tim Hollis Museum

By Aaron Tanner

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Last year I wrote an article in Alabama Living about the Tim Hollis Museum outside of Birmingham, Alabama. I am sharing the story again as a suggestion for an off the beaten path day trip for the summer.

The Tim Hollis Museum is a collection of pop culture memorabilia from the Baby Boomer era at the home of author Tim Hollis. The place is a nice throwback from the often loud, overstimulating environment of today's society. Kids today that back 50-60 years ago, young people had only three channels on TV and had to use their imaginations to play and interact with friends vs. having Facebook do the interacting for them on a smartphone.

Since gas prices are high right now, the good thing is that the museum is free by appointment. Click here to read my story and get contact information on how to set up a time for visiting the museum.

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