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Review of the Cory Pesaturo Accordion Concert

By Aaron Tanner

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This past Saturday I went to Birmingham to see Three-Time Accordion World Champion Cory Pesaturo perform at Birmingham Southern College, which was sponsored by the Alabama Accordion Association. My first accordion concert did not disappoint.

Pesaturo mostly performed on a digital accordion, which produces a more modern, electronic sound that many people enjoy in the United States, especially amongst the youth. However, Pesaturo brought out a traditional acoustic accordion while a marvelous couple tangoed to the Spanish piece El Choco by Eduardo Rojas. There was also a violinist with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra that performed alongside Pesaturo for a composition by Astor Piazzolla called Muerte Del Angel.

My favorite part of the concert involved a blues duet with the Alabama Accordion Association Club President Frank Caravella and Pesaturo. It was nice hearing the sounds of the traditional acoustic accordion and the updated sounds of the digital accordion battling it out for the listener’s ears.

Driving down to Birmingham was a bit of a challenge as I encountered two different accidents along the way. At Cullman, I had to re-route myself around a crash on U.S. 31 and adjust my lunch plans accordingly. There was also an accident just past the exit to Birmingham Southern College which had traffic backed up to almost the I-20/59/65 interchange.

Despite being a bit flustered, I told Caravella clearly that there was an accident near the exit. As a result, the organization delayed the concert fifteen minutes, which allowed me to regain my composure and for more people who were stuck in traffic to make it to the concert hall. Fortunately, my drive home was much smoother and made it home safely.

I am thrilled I went to the concert. The outing not only helped me become more independent by going to Birmingham but I opened myself to a different type of music not generally heard on mainstream radio. I recommend people go to see next year’s concert in May 2019, when Five-Time Accordion World Champion Grayson Mayfield will perform in Birmingham.

For more information on the Alabama Accordion Association, click here.

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