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Preparing for Hurricane Florence

By Aaron Tanner

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Hurricane Florence is a dangerous category four storm headed towards the coasts of North and South Carolina by the end of this week. The name is likely to be retired in 2019 if the damage is as bad as predicted.

Many are preparing to evacuate coastal areas. However, there will be just as many volunteers prepared to assist those in the cleanup process after the storm.

Mike Tripodi is an American Red Cross volunteer from Albany, New York. After Florence clears the coast, he and other Red Cross members plan to help people during the recovery process after Florence passes through where it makes landfall. His story can be found here.

Tripodi also has High-Functioning Autism. He assisted the Red Cross last year in helping those with Autism get through the recovery process after Hurricane Irma and the wildfires in California.

Although Tripodi realized assisting those after a disaster would be a change in routine and could be taxing physically and mentally, he was very proud to have played a role in helping those in time of need. He is an example of someone who can go above and beyond the Autism level if given a chance.

For those in the path of Hurricane Florence, if you are told to evacuate, please do so. Here is a social story one can download about what to expect during a hurricane.

I have never been through a hurricane. After watching YouTube videos of major hurricanes hitting land and the constant high-pitch howl of the winds blowing through, I could not handle the sound for hours with my sensory issues. Even those without sensory issues probably do not want to hear the sound of a category four or five hurricane bearing down.

Stay safe for those in the path of the storm.

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