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My Recent Performance Review

by Aaron Tanner

· Employment,Performance Review,Improvement

I have been at my company for over two and a half years. Every summer I have an annual performance review, which occurred several days ago. Anyone, Aspergers or not, who has been at a company long enough will more than likely have a performance review.

My review was mostly positive as I was meeting expectations with my current position. The only thing I was told that I could improve on was to be less uptight with my current position and relax.

The purpose of this interview is to gauge one’s progress and to see where there is room for improvement. Those with Aspergers should understand that there will always be room for improvement regardless of whether you are meeting expectations or not. I did not get upset at the constructive criticism and it is important that those with Aspergers to take constructive criticism in a positive light.

As far as improving myself at my current job, I have a decision to make. I can either get try to take on more responsibility as a way of making more money or do my current job to the best of my ability, be happy with what I make and learn to live within my means. My hope is that I can use my writing and research skills along with what I am learning about being a virtual assistant (I will explain what that position in a future post) to help improve my company.

Having a performance review should be viewed as a way to gauge how one is doing and not necessarily as a negative. There is no way to know how you can improve or what you could do different unless someone tells you.

How did your performance review and did it change how you did things at your job? Comment in the section below.

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