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My Latest Article: Storm Spotters

By Aaron Tanner

· Thunderstorm,Tornado,Storm Spotters,HAM Radio,Alabama

My latest article got published in the March edition of Alabama Living magazine. The story is about storm spotters and their importance to the state of Alabama. I interviewed several people for this article and integrated the different sources into the report.

Spring is tornado season in the state of Alabama. A storm spotter stays in one location to report real-time weather conditions to the National Weather Service. These people are essential during severe weather when the National Weather Service has to decide whether to issue a weather warning or continue a warning that is already in effect.

I learned a lot about the volunteer profession. For example, many of the spotters relied on HAM radio after the tornadoes of April 2011 when many lines of communication in north Alabama got severely damaged in the storms.

To read my story, click here.

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