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My Latest Article: Alabama Accordionists' Association

By Aaron Tanner

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My latest article was published in the July edition of Alabama Living magazine. The story is about the Alabama Accordionists' Association.

One of the biggest takeaways from the assignment was learning how popular the accordion is outside of the United States. I never knew the accordion was extremely popular in China and that a portion of the world's accordions are manufactured in that particular country.

If you are headed to and from the beach this summer, physical copies of Alabama Living are available at any Alabama Welcome Center. For example, those headed home from Panama City Beach, Florida via U.S. 231 can stop at the location south of Dothan and pick up a copy of Alabama Living and read my work.

There are a couple of additional photos in the print version that is not in the online version of my article. However, the online version features a video shot by Danny Weston of the club members playing the accordion.

Pick up a copy today and learn something new.

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