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My First Guest Blog Post

(Health Related)

by Aaron Tanner

· health,wellness,Fitness

For those who have been following me, The Rocket City Notebook was the very first time I blogged. I now have my first guest blog post under Strong in Body, Strong in Mind, which can be found here.

The owner of the blog, Nikita Horne, and I took the same freelance writing class online where I met her. This particular blog highlights how and why I got into physical and mental shape.

It is very important that those with Aspergers stay not only physically healthy but mentally healthy. That includes watching what you eat or drink, getting enough physical activity and watching what you focus your mind on.

I strongly urge those who head up social groups to include some type of physical activity every so often for those with Aspergers, such as going for a walk on a greenway. In addition to the physical activity I get running around at work, I am also a member at Planet Fitness where a gym membership is cheap and target audience is those who are very out of shape and they will not make you feel self conscious about your weight while trying to get into shape.

Writing blogs, articles or even something as simple as journaling helps keep my mind sharp as I am able to get what is on my mind out onto paper where I can visually see my thoughts. Anyhow, enjoy this particular blog post. If you have a mental and physical health related story you think would make a good blog post on Strong in Body, Strong in Mind, e-mail Nikita at

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