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Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Adult Coloring Books

By Aaron Tanner

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The Christmas holidays are a busy time of year for most people. I won’t lie, I have been feeling a lot of holiday-related stress lately myself.

One tool I started using when going through periods of stress is when I get home I put on relaxing music and color in adult coloring books. Unlike the type of coloring books used by kids, adult coloring books have intricate designs to help one’s mind focus on using different colors to color within the lines.

Using adult coloring books has helped me and countless others take the negative, anxious thoughts and channeling them into positive thinking by having one’s mental focus on a less sophisticated form of stimuli. Several times I was able to fall asleep at night thanks to coloring in these types of books. These products are also a way to turn off the overstimulation that often occurs from staring into a smartphone that often happens in modern society.

Although there are critics of adult coloring books, including some who think the idea is childish, there are many health benefits that are a benefit for anxious people. The website Color It goes into extensive detail the advantages of the adult coloring craze, including being able to meditate on the present, being able to create something instead of consuming more material items and lowering stress levels.

Adult coloring books can be found at fine retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and are available in different themes. These items make a great Christmas gift for those with Aspergers or anyone who suffers from anxiety.

Do you use adult coloring books? Comment in the section below.

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