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How to Survive a Fast Paced World

by Aaron Tanner

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I must confess that I have issues with fear, worry, and anxiety. Those particular problems are not exclusive to people with Asperger Syndrome. However, one of the side effects of Aspergers is the inability to control emotions.

One of the reasons, I believe, that those with Aspergers often have trouble adapting to modern American society today versus in the past is that we are bombarded with so many stimuli in our society with the media, our extracurricular activity and abundant access to information that it can easily lead to sensory overload.

Turn to any cable news channel or listen to a lot of today's popular music and one often feels like they are always being yelled and screamed at one’s face. Obsessive compulsive disorder is a common problem with Aspergers. Having so much information thrown at you over the internet can often make the obsessive compulsive disorder worse. For example, I used to enjoy tracking hurricanes. Now I am scared that Hurricane Harvey is the end of the world as we know it and my area is not even in the path of the storm.

What is one to do to live in this noisy, overstimulating society? The key is to once in a while unplug from this fast paced culture and chill. Honestly, I felt like standing still for most of August.

The first thing one can do is get physical exercise, either by going outside for a walk and getting some fresh air or going to the gym and getting a high-intensity workout. When I go for too long without constant physical activity, I get anxious and depressed. Exercise gets the positive endorphins going in one's brain.

Another thing you can do is learn to write. This can be done by journaling in a notebook, starting a blog, or make a little extra money by freelance money. I started writing to help control my anxious thoughts and keep my mind sharp.

The third thing one can do is turn off social media or the news for a while and read a physical book. I like reading the Bible for the encouragement the book gives of God helping ordinary people overcome their flaws with his help. Prayer also works as well.

Of course, one does not have to read a spiritual or religious book to recharge one's mind. One of my favorite sets of books are by Arcadia Publishing, which is the largest publisher of local historical picture books in America. These books feature black and white and color photos of local history from a simpler time.

The different titles of books from Arcadia Publishing can be found here. If you cannot afford to purchase books from Arcadia Publishing, go to your local public library and encourage them to stock their shelves with this particular brand of books.

Instead of listening to the top 40 station continuously in which a lot of the music is loud and negative, start listening to calming music with positive messages. I enjoy listening stations like K-Love for its positive and uplifting music. If you do decide to listen to mainstream music, look to musicians from the past, such as John Denver or Stevie Nicks.

This list is nowhere near exhaustive on how anyone, not just those with Aspergers, can unplug from this fast paced society and learn to overcome the constant negative messages and replace them with positive ones. It has been said that those with Aspergers tend to not go with what society deems as normal. We could all put that statement into practice to have a better peace of mind.

What do you do to relax? Comment in the section below.

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