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Handling the Denver Airport

By Aaron Tanner

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Christmas is over. I am slowly getting back into the groove of writing, exercising and eating healthier.

Recently, I flew from Huntsville to Denver to see my dad and stepmom for the holidays. Other members of my extended family, along with my brother and his wife flew to Colorado as well.

Denver is a hub for both domestic and international flights. There are quite the mysteries and conspiracy theories behind the Denver Airport. Although I cannot say if it was indeed something below the terminal controlling what goes on with the travelers above ground, I did have quite the adventure arriving and departing one of the busiest airports in the United States.

My plane had no problem landing on the Sunday morning before Christmas. My dad helped me navigate around the busy airport. Everything went fine until I got to the luggage carousel. I found out that my luggage did not make the flight from Huntsville to Denver due to the flight being full. After my dad helped me figure out the issue, customer service told me that the luggage would arrive on the next trip and would bring the suitcase to the house.

Despite the chaos of the airport and getting little sleep the night before, I handled the situation very well. Because I had a direct flight, I knew that it would be harder to lose the luggage than if I had a connecting flight, say in Dallas or Atlanta, to Denver. My dad and I got lunch outside the airport, and sure enough, my luggage was delivered later the same night.

Leaving Denver, I got through security and had time to eat breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Café. My flight back to Huntsville was scheduled to go on time.

Everything went fine until the boarding process. Because I was flying United Express, which is a smaller aircraft that flies to smaller cities, several of the flights left the same gate. Because of a mini ground stop around my particular terminal, the boarding process was delayed at least 30 minutes with the plane taking off an hour later than scheduled.

There was a lot of confusion about what was happening. I was in an enclosed space, and there was a crying child in front of me. This scenario was making me very anxious. However, I knew if I acted out, I would not be allowed on the flight. After my mom walked me through the scenario via text, I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths. Worst case scenario, I would get on a later flight and there were plenty of restaurants for me at the airport to choose from for lunch.

After remaining calm, I finally boarded the plane and flew back to Huntsville. It was not all bad news as I ran into someone I used to work with at the Huntsville Airport as he was flying back to Denver where he now lives.

Next time, I will remember that things can change at the last minute at a major airport, especially if it is a hub, without warning. Although I prefer driving over flying, I learned that I could survive being in an airplane and handling an airport.

Have you had any unique experiences while flying? Comment in the section below.

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