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Handling a Change in Routine

By Aaron Tanner

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One of the conditions of having Aspergers is getting upset over a change in routine. Those who know someone with Aspergers have probably seen first-hand the meltdowns that often occur over the slightest change, such as taking a different route home or a playdate arriving later than scheduled.

As someone with Aspergers, I am no exception when it comes to becoming very uneasy to a change in routine. Although I am somewhat better than I used to be, I still feel very uncomfortable when my routine is interrupted.

When I was younger, if someone did not arrive at precisely the specified time they said they would be there, or I was not home in time to watch a favorite TV program, I became distraught. One time in elementary school I became unglued when my babysitter arrived in the car line in a different vehicle than she usually drove. Even if the change in routine involves something that sounds pleasant and fun, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and uneasy as the potential adjustment happened at the last minute.

Fortunately, I have experienced small victories in handling interruptions in routine as I have gotten older. For example, I did not become unglued when my life group at church was canceled several times at the last minute, or a friend had to reschedule lunch because he was not feeling well.

I still have a long way to go when it comes to handling a change in routine gracefully. My best opportunities in handling a shift in the schedule are when I am in a good mood or, more importantly, when I have enough advanced warning. Until the day comes when I am no longer bothered by change, I will continue working on not getting upset when I experience what life throws at me.

What steps do you practice to handle change? Comment in the section below.

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