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Going With The Flow

By Aaron Tanner

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One of the hardest things for many with Aspergers to handle is going with the flow. Those with the condition having a hard time with a change in routine.

I have had my share of changes in the past six weeks. For example, not only did it take me most of February to get over my cold, I recently got out of a period of insomnia. On the work side, I had two feature stories not pan out for the company newsletter for March along with an article I am working on for Alabama Living that is taking longer than expected. I also had a day trip planned this weekend that I was looking forward to but that will more than likely not happen due to bad weather expected with another story shelved due to poor weather this winter.

Unfortunately, I often get upset with a change in routine. Except for insomnia, I was able to remain calm for the changes that occurred. I was able to go with the flow and come up with the ability to make the necessary changes.

How was I able to handle the interruptions to what I had planned? I think the big thing is there was enough lead time that I had time to come up with adjustments. It’s the last-minute changes in routine that often upset me. Even being invited for a fun event on the same day sometimes makes me uncomfortable because I’ve got my plans set and I like to stick to them.

Another area I’ve learned to go with the flow is when interviewing people with the magazine. I can change the structure of questions to avoid being repetitive or asking follow-up questions I had not originally planned. My goal is to take what I’ve learned in my writing job and apply it to other areas of my life in doing better with my executive functioning skills.

Going with the flow is very hard for someone with Aspergers. Not getting upset with changes takes a lot of practice and maturity and God’s help. However, I wanted to share some of my small success.

What tips do you have for someone with Aspergers for going with the flow? Comment in the section below.

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