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Getting Through Christmas

By Aaron Tanner

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The year 2018 has flown by, and it's now the Christmas season. It is the time of year when a lot of people do their shopping for gifts, Santa is on display and many social events via parties and family gatherings.

I will confess, I find that this time of year can be overwhelming with the amount of activity that is going on. Because I work at a medical facility, it is also our busiest time of year due to end of the year insurance premiums that are about to expire, and the result is an often chaotic environment.

Unfortunately, I have been short and have had a couple of meltdowns as a result. My OCD has also been through the roof.

This week I had to stop and take inventory of how to handle this busy period, so I don't get even further overwhelmed.

The big thing I try to make time for is prayer and meditation. Although Christmas is a secular holiday, it is also a religious holiday when the observance of Jesus' birth occurs. Around the workplace, I put in my headphones and listen to old hymns and carols with calming music to help me get into the Christmas spirit.

Although I am a writer, I also realize that I do not need to stress myself out mailing Christmas cards to everybody as that only leads to higher anxiety levels. For my friends and family who may be reading my post, don't be offended if you don't get a Christmas card from me this year but it's not worth having a meltdown over.

Along with Christmas cards come Christmas gifts. I do not have to give everyone I know a Christmas gift for them to like me. This year for Christmas, I am going to Colorado to see family. Instead of opening expensive gifts, we will be holding an Icelandic type of Christmas where we exchange books and chocolate on Christmas Eve and then Christmas morning is spent sleeping in, having brunch and relaxing by the fireplace while reading the books we received.

I already have many of my gifts to give to family and friends as I made them rather than them being store bought. However, I still need to go on Amazon to look for a book for my half-sister, who just entered high school. For my readers, if you have recommendations for good fiction books, especially of the science fiction genre, comment in the section below.

Christmas should be a joyous time and not stressful. It's not possible to do everything. It helps that I only have one Christmas party I've been invited to outside of work. Since I will need to concentrate extra hard at work, it will be extra important I have enough downtime to recharge my batteries.

How do you handle the holidays? Comment in the section below.

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