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Entering the Busiest Time of Year

By Aaron Tanner

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My schedule is hectic between now and Christmas. The dental lab where I work part-time is about to get very busy over the next month or two with patients trying to get their end of the year insurance premiums in before their policy resets for the new year. With my writing business, I am dealing with a tight deadline with one of my articles and another that will involve me completing the project in bits and pieces between now and the end of the year.

Next week, I will be going out of town to see my grandma and attend the Florida Forest Festival, which is home to the World's Largest Free Fish Fry. Also, I am going out of town for Thanksgiving to see my brother in Maryland and I am flying out to Colorado for Christmas to see my dad and stepmom.

I usually try to post once a week, sometime between Wednesday and Friday. Between now and the end of the year, I will be posting only when time allows. My goal is to have a post up every two weeks, but bear with me with my irregular posting schedule.

Look for my latest articles in both the November and December editions of Alabama Living magazine. For those traveling during the holidays, copies of Alabama Living can be picked up at any Alabama Welcome Center.

What are your plans between now and the end of the year? Comment in the section below.

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