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Dentistry and Art: A Job Opportunity at Oral Arts

by Aaron Tanner

· Oral Arts,Career Opportunity,Huntsville

Do you or your adult child have excellent art skills and want to turn that into a career? I recommend you look into the company I work for, Oral Arts. For those with Aspergers who are great with art and design, an eye for detail and looking for a job, I would encourage you to apply for a full time dental technician position when that position becomes available. This job would involve tasks such as sculpting and digital designs and making crowns, retainers and dentures. More information about our products can be found here.

When you apply for the position, if you are called in for an interview, bring a portfolio of your G-rated artwork as physical evidence of your ability to do design and detailed work. Many of our dental technicians are artists in their spare time. Have the human resources director take you up to the floor where the dental technicians work. Ask questions about the feel and work environment but more importantly, picture yourself in the environment and ask yourself can you picture yourself working in an environment like that where you are required to meet a certain quota.

I will caution you that if you are hired for the position of dental technician, you will have to make a certain number of products per hour. Another thing to consider is the floor where the dental technicians work is a noisy environment. However, if you think you can settle down, put on your headphones and Ipod and hyper focus like many people with Aspergers can do when it comes to subjects they are interested in, then by all means apply for this position. If you cannot picture yourself in this position, I promise you human resources will not have their feelings hurt and will move on to a candidate who is able to fill the position. Take a look at the pictures and video below to get a visual representation of what goes on in the dental lab.

Once in a while you may have to work overtime and on weekends. However, you do not need a college degree for this position, the pay is good and you receive benefits. Another advantage of a dental technician is unlike the floor I work, there is not the pressure to make small talk as the focus is on getting the products done and out the door. Do not let a lack of knowledge in dentistry stop you for applying. The company will teach you the basics of their dental products.

Use this opportunity to put your art skills to good use and use the money to design the artwork you like in your spare time. We even have a pumpkin carving contest around Halloween and a crown sculpting contest where prizes are given away.

Click here for a job description and to apply for the Dental Technician position. When filling out the application, be sure to put my name, Aaron Tanner, in the “Referred By” section as I get a small bonus if you or your adult child is hired and my name is on your application. A special thanks to the Oral Arts marketing department for the photos.

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