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Autism Surfs: Panama City Beach

By Aaron Tanner

· Panama City Beach,Pensacola,Surfing,Autism,Water

Headed to Panama City Beach, Florida this summer? Autism Surfs is a non-profit dedicated to exposing kids on the spectrum the beauty of water sports. The organization was started by Julie Clark, who has a child with Autism and realized that water could be used as therapy for those who have the condition.

The event is held the third Saturday of every month through September in Panama City Beach and is free to participate. Surfboards are provided for the kids.

I enjoy water myself and can attest to its calming power when I am swimming. At first, it was difficult with me learning how to swim, but I eventually got the hang of being in a body of water. Kudos to a popular tourist destination for many Southerners for being open to those on the spectrum.

For more information on Autism Surfs, click here. There is a chapter in Pensacola as well.

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