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An Incident That Didn’t Go So Well

By Aaron Tanner

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For those who have read my posts, many of them are positive. However, I thought I would be transparent and share a recent moment that due to my Aspergers, did not go as well as planned.

Last month while coming home from the gym, I got a flat tire. The reason I knew was my low tire pressure light suddenly started flashing. To make matters worse, it was raining heavily. Because of the weather, I decided to press on home to my mom’s house so that I could check on my tire in the dry confines of the garage. From a safe location, I saw that my tire was punctured.

When I called my mom to explain what happened, although there was a bit of frustration in my voice, I was able to remain calm. We attempted to fill the punctured tire with several cans of Fix a Flat. While driving the car to the auto repair store to get the tire fixed, we had to stop several times to reapply the Fix a Flat.

Because it had been a long day and it was not only getting dark but still raining heavily, I did feel the frustration mounting. I did not curse, but I said some things in a cranky tone of voice. When I got to the auto repair store, with the help of my mom explaining to the mechanic what happened, I was able to calmly give my keys over so the crew could look at my tire the next morning.

Despite feeling overwhelmed, I did not have a meltdown in public. This character development is an improvement from even five years ago. Although one of the characteristics of Aspergers is having a low frustration tolerance, I am slowly getting better at handling frustration.

In the end, I wound up getting a new tire. Fortunately, I had no rim damage to my car, and I am thankful I did not get in a wreck.

My main concern at the time was getting out of the rain. Next time I get a flat tire, I will call for roadside assistance and let those people deal with getting my car to a repair shop. As I said, I am very thankful I did not have rim damage or worse.

The moral of the story was that although I could have handled this incident better, I can tell I have grown since I was a younger adult when it comes to handling unexpected frustrations.

How did you handle a frustrating experience? Comment in the section below.

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