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Alabama Living Turns 70

By Aaron Tanner

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For those who may be traveling through Alabama this year for the holidays, I encourage travelers to visit any Alabama Welcome Center to pick up either the November or December editions of Alabama Living magazine as I have an article in both versions.

Alabama Living celebrates a milestone in 2018 as the magazine turns 70. The periodical started as a newsletter in 1948 that focused mostly news about issues concerning electrical utility companies that served rural areas of Alabama. Over the years, feature stories were added to highlight features that make the state unique.

Although I did not write this particular article, which can be found here, it has been a fantastic experience being a contributor to Alabama Living's seven-decade run. I have a couple of stories due in early 2019 for the magazine, and I do not plan on slowing down anytime soon. The editor I work for has been amazing to work with.

Happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for the gift of writing that God has blessed upon me.

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