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A Sensory Friendly Place On The Way To The Beach

By Aaron Tanner

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I regularly drive down to Florida to see my Grandma. Many people coming from the north take U.S. 231 south to Panama City Beach, Florida for sun and sand.

One of my favorite places to stop on the way to my Grandma’s house is Sweet Creek Farm Market, south of Montgomery, Alabama. The location is part farmer’s market, part restaurant. One can find produce, jams, soap, and other locally sourced products. The restaurant features farm to table menu items including some of the best barbeque I have ever eaten as it's cooked on site using pecan wood, vegetarian and gluten-free options available. For dessert, Sweet Creek serves homemade ice cream, including dairy-free ice cream, and homemade pies and cobbler.

The best part of this business is the porch swings and the rockers on the porch where one can relax after a long road trip. For the children, Sweet Creek features a playground and a field where one can view chickens, turkeys, and goats as a sight for sore eyes. During the fall, well-crafted scarecrows are placed in the area next to the property. For those with sensory issues, such as myself, there are no fluorescent lights used inside the restaurant or the farmer’s market.

Sweet Creek Farm Market is my new favorite place to stop on the way to Florida. For those headed towards Panama City Beach for summer break or other times of the year, Sweet Creek Farm Market is, in my opinion, an Autism-friendly place as well as for other people with sensory or dietary restrictions.

To visit their Facebook page, click here. Also, Alabama Living did an excellent write-up last summer of Sweet Creek Farm Market.

What are some Autism friendly places along the highway that you have visited? Comment in the section below. Don’t forget to check out my other blogs on the Tennessee Valley Unite website.

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