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A Pleasant Surprise at Work Today

by Aaron Tanner

· Oral Arts,Persevere,Work Ethic

I had a pleasant surprise at work today. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about a Dental Technician position at my place of employment. Today, Oral Arts re-posted that particular blog on their Facebook page. I was really thrilled with the accomplishment. The biggest surprise, however, was a hand written card from the company thanking me for my efforts on the job and the work I am doing in the Aspergers community along with a gift card. Both really made my day.

If you have Aspergers or are a parent of a child with Aspergers, this is an important reason of why you or your child should not quit their job at the first sign of trouble. No matter which job you take, there will be difficulties. Employers who see a person who perseveres through problems rather than giving up knows that he or she is a team player and can be trusted and is more likely to work with someone who sticks it out and gives it their all vs. someone who complains and quits. If I had quit, I would have had to find another job and start the process all over again.

Most of the time, when I got overwhelmed at my old shift, I regrouped and finished my shift. One time I got sensory overload so bad that I had to leave early. To make it up to my supervisor, I came in early the rest of the week, put my nose down and got to work without being told (i.e. putting foam in a box of 1,000 crown boxes with some help).

By staying put, I was rewarded with a new position in which I am doing much better. Plus I am getting a lot of exercise with my new position that I was not before (I have lost 40 pounds since January of 2016 and I do believe the new position helped in the process). Granted, some jobs are not meant for someone with Aspergers but rather someone with the condition try and learn from the experience than not try.

I am very thankful that Oral Arts gave me a second chance after going through a difficult time in my life. It has been a pleasure to work with them over the past two years.

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