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A New Task at Work

by Aaron Tanner

· newsletter,Aspergers,Oral Arts,freelance writing,Launch Aspergers

It has been approximately four months since I changed to the morning shift at the dental lab where I run cases from doctors to different floors. I am getting a good workout being on my feet for several hours.

Besides working in the shipping and receiving department, I will also be spending time with the marketing department. Starting next week, I will be in charge of putting together the company newsletter at Oral Arts for a few hours each month. I already have experience with newsletters as I help design the newsletter for Launch Aspergers.

I am looking forward to furthering my talents to help my company grow. With a regular part-time job and a freelance writing gig on the side, I have plenty to keep me busy. Still, this is better than sitting around all the time with nothing to do and allowing my mind to wander.

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