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A Mother's Day Memo

by Natalie H. Lambert

· Mothers Day,Special Needs,Success Story

As school is coming to an end and we are busily wrapping up another year in preparation of the summer, the second weekend of May always catches me off guard. The need to make sure my mother and mother-in-law have gifts waiting for them to show our appreciation sometimes overshadows my ability to really internalize the importance of motherhood. Realizing I have been a mother for almost 14 years has kind of blindsided me lately and I have found myself cataloging the highs and lows recently.

An acquaintance commented years ago about how hard being a parent to a special needs child must be and how God must have known I could handle it. I remember laughing and thinking God must have made a mistake. Over the years, I have come to realize that it isn’t about whether you can rise to the challenges; it’s how you pick yourself up after the failures that matter.

Mother’s Day has become a day of thanks giving for me. I love sitting back with the children that my husband and I received and being thankful for each day I get to share with them. Having a child with Autism is a challenge, but every parent knows that having a child period is a challenge. They stretch us, force us to grow and reach for new experiences and wisdom. They teach us about our weaknesses and help us develop unbelievable strengths. They encourage us to set goals and achieve them.

So, when failures and doubt creep in as our family hikes through the hills and valleys of life, it’s days like Mother’s Day that help put everything into perspective. Look at the amazing person you have become because a person calls you mother.

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